US retail giant Walmart Inc will continue to grow its hypermarkets, Sam’s Club stores, and community-ba sed smaller-sized supermarkets businesses in China with more advanced technologies, according to a top official. Doug McMillon, president and CEO of Walmart, told China Daily during his visit to Shanghai on Thursday that China is still one of the most important markets for the US retailer. Technology will be another major focus area for the com pany in China as Walmart has always been a “people-led company that relies heavily on technology,” he said. McMillon said Walmart has developed digital solutions to better u nderstand customer behavior and spendingRead More →

inesses, McMillon said brick-and-mortar stores have become hybrid, and forward fulfillment centers. He said Sam’s Club has been gaining strength in the country. The high-end m embership store that was launched in China in 1996 has about 2 million members nati onwide. By 2020, there will be 40 such clubs either in operation or in construction in the country. The format ha s 23 stores currently in 19 cities stocking quality fresh food and membership products. Globally Walmart has 11,300 stores, with a third of them large stores. According to Kantar Worldpanel, in 2018 Walmart’s market share was 5.4 percent, an improvement from t heRead More →

China and the United States have made new progress in negotiating the text of an econom ic and trade deal, but much work remains to be done, the Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday. Negotiating teams from the two countries are hashing out the text of the deal, including an enforcement mechanism, on the basis of mutual respect and benefit, said Gao Feng, ministry spokesman. The remarks came as the world’s two biggest economies have been i ntensifying their consultations and aiming to break the deadlock in a timely manner. In the most recent round of trade consultations, the negotiators discussed technolo gy transfers, protectionRead More →

rating the push for economic upgrading, which offers strong impetus for the growth. Despite the pressure, we still can see gr owth momentum,” Zhang said during a macroeconomic seminar earlier this month in Beijing. “Recently, the government has introduced a series of su pportive policies which will gradually help grow the real economy,” Zhang added. NDRC said a further 3.24 million new urban jobs were added in t he first quarter, with surveyed unemployment ra te remaining at a comparatively low level of 5.2 percent in March. And consu mer prices registered a moderate rise of 1.8 percent in the first three months of thisRead More →

Smog in greater Beijing area could be thickened by 15 percent, experts say Climate change has been making meteorological conditions in the greater Beijing area more conducive to the generation of haze, and combined with heavy s mog, the situation could trigger a rapid increase in the concentration of airborne pollutants, researchers said. The National Joint Research Center for Tackling Key Problems in Air Pollution Control demonstra ted that without a reduction in the discharge of pollutants, air quality in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cluster could worsen by about 10 percent and even up to 15 percent in some cities because of unfavorable meteorological co nditions, theRead More →

wan Affairs Office, said in a statement on Tuesday that the exercise aimed to protect national sover eignty and territorial integrity, as well as protect the common interests of people from both sides of the straits. Taiwan’s administration, led by the Democratic Progressive Party, used the drill as an opport unity to “deceive and mislead the residents of Taiwan and to provoke and escalate a cross-Straits confrontation,” Ma said. “Its goal of undermining cross-Straits relations and the peace and security of the region will not succeed,” Ma said. “Nobo dy should underestimate our adamant resolve and ability to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” OnRead More →

with the island by officially acknowledging that military personnel have been posted in the Taipei office of the American Institute in Taiwan since 2005. US weapons manufacturer Raytheon was also granted a $9 million contract to upgrade Taiwan’s Patriot missile defense system. Senior Colonel Liang Fang, a professor at PLA National Defense Universit y, said the recent drill will test and enhance the PLA’s joint operating capabilities. “It will increase the PLA’s ability to protect national sovereignty, and warn thos e who are trying to undermine it to abandon their illusions,” she said. “Similar drills will be more common in the future, with increasingly sophisticatedRead More →

n evaluated and approved the experiment before applying for National Natural Scie nce Foundation of China funds, with the project gaining the foundation’s support. “Experimenting on nonhuman primate models to research the brain’s cognitive function, de velopment and related diseases have great scientific and medical values,” the statement said. “For research purposes, there are precedents of scientists implanting human genes int o lab animals such as mice, rats, and macaque monkeys, and these researchers have made great con tributions to understanding life, disease mechanisms and clinical drug development.” In 2008 US scientists implanted macaque monkeys with Huntington’s disease to further understand the condition and possibRead More →

 International Cooperation two years ago, more countries and inter national organizations have joined in the construction of the Belt and Road. So far, 125 countries and 29 international organiz ations have signed BRI cooperation documents with China, according to Lu. Among them are 16 Central and Eastern European countries and Gr eece. Italy and Luxembourg signed cooperation agreements with China last month to join tly build the Belt and Road. Jamaica also signed similar agreements on Thursday. During Premier Li Keqiang’s European visit last week, both sides agreed to seek greate r synergy between the BRI and the European Union’s strategy for connecting with Asia.Read More →

Editor’s note: The “996” schedule (working from 9 am to 9 pm, six days a week) has sparked a heated public debate, because many workers don’t get any ove rtime pay and, worse, could end up in the “”. The “996” phenomenon is rampant in the high-tech and internet compani es. Some internet company chiefs have added fuel to the debate by saying they want their workers to “work hard”. T hree experts share their views on the issue with China Daily’s Yao Yuxin. Excerpts follow: Labor Law should never be violated Given the fierce competition in the high-tech sector industries, start- ups have toRead More →