rts with the Chinese team to strive for the conclusion of a deal that meets the interests of both sides. “We bring the best wishes of President Trump. He’s asked us to state that he also places great importance on his personal relationship with you,” Lighthizer said. “We have had two very good days of negotiations. We feel that we have made headway on some very, very important and very difficult issues,” he said. “We have additional work we have to do but we are hopeful.” Xi asked Lighthizer and Mnuchin to extend his sincere greetings to President Trump, saying that he cherishes their goodRead More →

It’s hard to say that China entered a new cycle of credit expansion,” said Zhang Ming, chief eco nomist at Ping An Securities. “For the whole year, the overall financing growth and money supply is expected to stabilize.” Fast credit expansion means higher pressure on companies to repay debt and interest, and the space for sustainable credit growth i s limited, given the current leverage level. Total outstanding debt has exceeded 250 percent of GDP, Zhang said. The good news is that credit has been channeled effectively into the production sector, such as manuf acturing and high-tech, and the healthier credit structure can support theRead More →

cting the outlook of China-US bilateral relations, saying that the two economies became deeply integrated over the past 40 years despite some headwinds. “In the next four decades, China and the US can further promote mutual understanding while properly handling differences,” he said. January marked the 40th anniversary of the establishment of China-US diplo matic relations. Bilateral trade grew from less than $2.5 billion 40 years ago to more tha n $630 billion in 2018. Over the same period, two-way investment rose from practically nil to more than $240 billion. Chinese Ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai said at a recent event that China anRead More →

dissidents and their families. Western countries believe that they can easily dig up stories about those people and they can be easily manipulat ed as well. However, what happened with Angela Gui has sent a clear message that there is always the risk of it backfiring. Those peopl e are fully aware of being used by some Western interests, which results in a strong sense of insecurity and suspicion. Some of them are also selfish. A f ew years ago, a Chinese dissident well-known in the West left China for the US and later embarrassed his American patrons. Furthermore, nowadays Western public opinion is increasinglyRead More →

In welcome news, it seems that the latest talks between China and the United States, which concluded on Friday, have further na rrowed their differences and expanded their common ground on key trade and economic issues. The two sides entered the two days of high-level talks on Thursday amid a flurry of positive sig nals that progress was being made. And it seems that their candid discussions have continued to be rewarded. There has clearly been movement on a number of topics that have been the focus of their recent tra de rows. Speaking to President Xi Jinping after the talks wrapped up, US TradeRead More →

ch year is linked to how rapid urbanization has driven and been driven by China’s historically high annual economic growth rates over the past four decades of reform and opening-up. With the benefits of migration increasingly visible, and the main obstacles to rural-to-urban migration removed (including through massively ex panded transport infrastructures), the number of internal migrants has increased by 35 times between 1982 and 2018. However, China’s household registration system complicates the migration process. For m any reasons, a major unintended effect of migration has been the creation of large populations of left-beh ind family members-elderly parents, spouses and children, each of these subsetsRead More →

ral areas are at their lowest in February and March after discounting for the effects of winter’s cold snaps. Currently, a bout one-fifth of the population aged 80 and above have moderate to severe disabilities and chronic illnesses, but it is als o a fact that happier people cope better with illness and disability, regardless of age. Several studies in China clearly show tha t a key factor in elderly people’s life satisfaction is spending quality time with their children and close friends. It also wouldn’t be surprising if monthly births registrations in many villages and s mall towns show a spike around November andRead More →

nger the prerogative of the US and Russia. Apart from the US, Russia and China, India too has worked out an ambitious plan to put astronauts in space by 2022. Constantly improving manufacturing and new material technologies have remarkably reduced the cost of space launches. The pr ivate US company Space X has successfully launched recoverable rockets, and its launch cost per kilogram payload has fallen below $2,000, one-ten th that of a space shuttle launch. And for China and India, the cost of one rocket launch is less than $5,000 per kg. Another major change helping space exploration is the advancement in 3D printingRead More →

The Beijing Film Academy is investigating actor Zhai Tianlin, who has been the target of plagiarism allegations, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Monday. The academy organized an investigative team to look into Zhai’s case and has zero tolerance for academic misconduct, the newspaper said, citing the academy. Zhai, 32, has a PhD from the academy and is a postdoctoral candidate at Peking University. He found himself in hot water on social media recently after a Sina Weibo blogger accused him of plagiarism last week. Zhai, who is said to have the highest academic qualificat ions in China’s entertainment industry, has frequently flaunted his academic achievementsRead More →

Meanwhile, a slump in population increases and growing aging populations will become a ke y factor dragging down economic growth in developed countries and some developing countries. The global population is predicted to rise from 7.35 billion in 2015 to 8.89 billion in 2035 and 9.77 billion in 2050. The pr oportion of the aging population is expected to rise from 8.3 percent in 2015 to 13 percent in 2035 and 15.8 percent in 2050. Over the next 15 years, global economy is expected to trend more toward multipolarity. By 2035, developing co untries’ GDP will surpass developed economies’, contributing nearly 60 percent in globalRead More →